Join us for Re Animations #2

Thanks to everyone who helped with and participated Re Animations #2! For lots of pics and a great youtube video of Hokey Bear's performance... please go our facebook page:
Re Animations #2
the performance art of ELandF projects

Thursday June 5th 5:30-7:00pm
immediately in front of The Corvallis Arts Center ...
and in nearby Central Park
5 past performances recreated…
a nod to performances past
1 new performance…
to delight, inspire and obscure
a fundraiser of sorts…
with very modest gifts for those with deep pockets
local raconteurs...
to recreate the past and story tell spell of future plans and good great gambles
an exhibit…
of unremarkable and very dusty objects from past performances
Revivals: 5:30-6:30pm
In Central Park directly across from The Corvallis Arts Center
In the Language of Flowers
Catch and Release
Albany Coal Train (5 Breaths in Succession)
The Corvallis Tree Being Reading
… and a brand new Hokey Bear performance by the artist
Bryan Putnam
Oratory: 6:30-7:00pm
On the steps directly in front of the Corvallis Arts Center
rousing refrains from performers past, future plans, fundraising pitches and more

A few Oregon friends to thank: Lyle Murphy, Cara Tomlinson, klipschutz, Jana Svoboda, Julia Bradford, Hester Coucke, Evelyn Idzerda, Eric Dickey, Bryan Putnam, dan raphael
Further information:
ElandF gallery on facebook
ELandFprojects blog
ELandF on facebook


Corvallis Tree-Being to read in Portland (with dan raphael)

Corvallis Tree-Being to read in Portland
(with dan raphael)
ELandF projects
Friday February 21 12pm
Portland Oregon
Join the Corvallis Tree-Being for a reading of the Oregon Wilderness
Coalition monthly newsletter (Volume 3 #2 February 25 1976)
with dan raphael
McCall/Waterfront Park
at base of Burnside Bridge
nearest to the Willamette River
ELandF projects
about dan raphael

Many thanks to all who made the Corvallis Tree-Being Reading (with dan raphael) a terriific event!

In the Language of Flowers

In the Language of Flowers
Lyle Murphy
ELandF projects
Corvallis, Oregon - Friday January, 31

a slight performance/pilgrimage
Why does the death of one have more weight, more emotional connection than another? Where are the circles of mourning the strongest and to what, as well as to where, do these circles begin to lose definition? This pilgrimage performance is meant to seek out the visible yet often unacknowledged little deaths around us… the flattened squirrel on the road, the squished worm on the sidewalk, the beetle on its back with still legs in the air… and to give them a moment of thought, recognition and respect.

I strive to bring awareness to overlooked, passed-over, and banal aspects of our individuality and society. I employ a hearty stew of narratives, allegories, and symbols from cultural and personal histories as a means to give a point of origin for investigation and discussion. I find it important to incorporate a mixture of folkloric themes and humor to engage with complex issues.

Lyle’s journey can be followed throughout the day via

start time: 7:33 (sunrise)
end time: 4:33 (sunset) with public ritual in park on 1st Street near the Willamette river and across from Cloud & Kelly’s Public House
further info: Bruce Burris:

Lyle Murphy is an artist and folklorist living in Eugene, OR.  
More on Lyle Murphy:    
On  the horizon: (Portland) Friday February 25 12.00pm
Join the Corvallis Tree-Being at the base of the downtown side of Burnside Bridge for a reading of the Orgeon Wilderness Coalition monthly newsletter (Volume 3, #2, February 25, 1976)                                                     

Many thanks to all who help make "In the Language of Flowers" a wonderful and meaningful performance!



ELandF projects 6th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation

ELandF projects 6th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation
Midnight, December 21st
Join the Annual ELandF Gallery Winter Solstice Gathering at Third Street Stuff!
Third Street Stuff 257 North Limestone St. Lexington, KY
Saturday, Dec 21, midnight (that is, as Saturday becomes Sunday).
John Lackey will be hosting this year--we are in for a treat!

(for those of us who are annually confused as to which date midnight falls on—we are to really, really late on Saturday night)

ElandF projects 6th Annual Midnight Solstice Conversation is just that: a few intrepid storytellers gather at midnight during the Winter Solstice to share a story or two. This year we are eased into this annual ritual by this year's Solstice Host/Curator, Lexington’s own John Lackey of
Homegrown Press Studio & Gallery.

Bring a story to share ... or not ...
Many thanks to Third Street Stuff for sponsoring and hosting ELandF projects's 6th annual winter Solstice gathering! There were stories of tree houses and sibling love and coffee drinks with sprinkles on top and cinnamon toast and fancy hats and much warmth to go around on a stormy night. And a host with the mostest! with Kurt Gohde with John Lackey.
...and thanks to the Lexington Herald-Leader and photographer Tatiana Aristizabal for these photos...



ELandF projects
Friday December 13
Join Eric Dickey, Jana Svoboda and Evelyn Idzerda
at Oak Creek Park, Corvallis Oregon
for a reading of works selected for the pleasure of local ferns
for directions and further info:

Our thanks to everyone to everyone who helped to make this a very special event! Evelyn was featured on OPB's Think Out Loud and here is a link to that:



Wikipedia: "Ferns, largely specialists in marginal habitats"
Applicant: Poets know something of this
Wikipedia: "Ferns, not of major economic importance"
Applicant: Few, if any, poets rich from their work, monetarily speaking at least
Wikipedia: "Ferns play a role in mythology, medicine, art."
Applicant: Poetry shares this with ferns
Wikipedia: "Ferns grown to remediate contaminated soil"
Applicant: Poetry written to remediate contaminated souls
I would enjoy the opportunity to read poetry to ferns.
Thank you for your consideration.
Very truly yours;
James Tobey
Cazenovia, N.Y.



klipschutz... a series of 4 Very Public readings... Corvallis Oregon

KEZI, CORVALLIS, Ore – You may have seen street performers before, but has somebody ever read poetry to you in public?
San Francisco poet Kurt Lipschutz, who publishes his poetry under the name “Klipschutz,” was in Corvallis on Wednesday, reading poetry to people in public places. He made a stop at the Greyhound bus station, rode with folks in cabs, and read poetry on city buses.
Lipschutz read pieces by other poets as well as his own work. He says poetry is an art, and he hopes to encourage others to express themselves in creative ways.
“Poetry helps to cleanse the language of the tribe,” he said. “And it’s what Ezra Pound called: ‘Language charged with meaning.’ It’s an art form with a long tradition, and I’m a carrier of that tradition forward.”
ELandF projects organized the event and organized the free cab rides. Two women met the poet during their lunch break, and say they wanted to go on an adventure. During their break, they went around town in a taxi, as Lipschutz read them poems. He also held a poetry reading Wednesday night at the Towne House Motor Inn.

Towne House Motor Inn

Corvallis bus route #1

Taxi Cab

Greyhound Bus Depot


a series of four Very Public readings... Corvallis

Anvil Press
Corvallis, Oregon... Wednesday October 9th
ELandF projects presents...
a series of four Very Public community
readings with San Francisco poet
from his new collection...
This Drawn & Quartered Moon
(Anvil Press, Vancouver, B.C.)
readings upon arrival...
8:45 @ Greyhound Bus Depot
153 NW 4th St Corvallis (donuts provided)
12:00-1:00pm Taxi Cab Van ride/read
six, 10 minute rides (free) up to 5 riders per
trip. Queue forms on sidewalk at corner of
SW 5th and Jefferson
2:00-3:00pm on City Bus (Route C1)
Departs Corvallis Transit Center... intermittent
readings to occur during trip
7:00-7:45pm @ Towne House Motor Inn
reading in motel room
350 SW 4th St
event info: Bruce Burris@
on klipschutz:
about ELandF projects:
ELandF projects provide various supports for intimate, artist driven concepts which usually occur in public space and which fall outside the realm of most traditionally funded projects.


catch and release - a public filtering ritual

Many thanks to all who helped with catch and release - a public filtering ritual

catch and release.....
a public filtering ritual - a merger of flows
with Cara Tomlinson and friends
@ Crystal Lake Boat Ramp, Corvallis Oregon
Tuesday August 20 12:30pm - 12:33pm
The Big Sandy River is essential to the ecological/economic and spiritual health of Kentucky and West Virginia. It is one of the most heavily polluted waterways in the country due mostly to the various forms of aggressive coal mining and under regulated industrial practices found along its banks. In this ritual/performance, water recently caught/collected from the Big Sandy River will be released into the Willamette River. This union/merger represents the whisper of a kind of absolution.....
Information: Bruce Burris:
a program of ELandF projects and The Kentucky Mourning Project


Help Wanted: Sell Colonel Sanders' Secrets... Apply Within...

Help Wanted:
Someone to sell Colonel Sanders' secrets on Thur, June 27, 8-9pm, at Griffin's Modern Hotel
To Apply:
Please... no more than 50 words on why you are qualified to sell Colonel Sander's secrets
Deadline: June 20, Honorarium: $50.00, Email only:
Thanks to everyone who participated in Selling the Colonel's Secret....
· The Colonel slept naked except for his socks
· The Colonel did cross stitch while using the bathroom
· The Colonel was addicted to toothpicks
· The Colonel preferred fish over chicken
· The Colonel used a combo of chicken fat and toothpaste to clean his teeth
 We do not, of course, know what an addiction to toothpicks looks like or what this means he did with these toothpicks but all the secrets come from someone who claims to be related to The Colonel so we assume they are all true. And we are thinking about how we may also include a few of these secrets as part of the documentation.



with Dakota Smith and Paul Michael Brown
May 24, 9am-3pm
@ Land Of Tomorrow (LOT)
527 East Third Street, Lexington KY

Thanks to everyone who participated in Design Your Own Revolution.


Help Wanted: Person to draw 5 breaths in succession

ELandF Projects
Help Wanted: Person to 5 draw breaths in succession near proposed coal train route, Albany Oregon
To Apply: Please more than 50 words on why you wish to draw 5 breaths in succession near the proposed coal train route.
Honorarium: $50.00
Deadline: April 14, 2013
Email Only:


THE STONER CREEK BOYS at McConnell Springs

Many thanks to all who made it happen!

Featuring Dakota Smith  
a record release party for
Carly Simon Shadow
Thursday, Feb. 7th 12:15pm
McConnell Springs Park (take first fork to right and listen)
Grande Living Experiment #7- ALU- 8768where are the words for this flashsad moment
them ancients say that you said that you have asked for them 
and then you went and scattered all his ashes...........


The Stoner Creek Boys at Institute 193 (My Life As A Receiver)

blog of Institute 193:
On December 4, a group of musicians and writers gathered at Institute 193 to enact a performance piece orchestrated by the artist Bruce Burris. The performance was ostensibly a record release party for My Life As A Receiver, a new album by the Stoner Creek Boys

After the writer Whitney Baker introduced the event, Eric Sutherland (wearing a hat fashioned from aluminum foil) read lyrics from the Stoner Creek Boys’ new album, accompanied by Mason Colby on the banjo. Meanwhile, Daryl Cook created ambient electronic background sound, creating the aural sensation of listening to a bizarre backcountry radio broadcast.
The artist Robert Beatty was simultaneously riding a stationary exercise bike in the front window of the gallery. According to rules laid out by Burris, Beatty was powering the entire performance with his pedaling; it would end whenever he chose to stop.
This performance was similar to other projects Burris has organized under the guise of the Stoner Creek Boys. Though the make-believe premises for these happenings are whimsical and often funny, Burris uses them to explore issues of social justice, community engagement, and collaboration. Though he creates a basic structure for each performance, individual performers have the power to take the project in any conceptual direction they choose–if Beatty had stopped pedaling at any moment, the performance would have ground to a halt.


Archive: Our 5th Annual Winter Solstice Conversation at Denny's

Many thanks to all those who joined us for a great solstice evening!
ELandF projects 5th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation
Midnight December 21st
Denny's Restaurant 1949 Nicholasville Rd. Lexington, KY
(for those of us who are annually confused as to what date midnight falls on- we are referring to really, really late night Friday)

ElandF projects 5th Annual Midnight Solstice Conversation is just that, a few intrepid storytellers gather at one of America's great restaurants to usher in the the Winter Solstice and to share a story or two based on the preference of this year's Solstice/Hostess/Curator,  Lexington artist Georgia Henkel.
Bring a story... or not...
This year's topic is... pleasures of memory... lost
open up 1871
the spoils of time
twenty years ago
our waning spirit
over the river
the bridge of sighs
pleasures of memory
ELandF email
ELandF projects Blog
ELandF on facebook

Left 2011 curator/host/ess Kremena Todorova Right 2012 curator/host/ess Georgia Henkel



an extension…  based on Meaghan Carpenter’s performance series Trust with Meaghan Carpenter and Latitude Artist Community

at Latitude Artist Community
948 Manchester Street, Lexington, KY
Friday October 26 1:20pm- 1:40pm, Free
More information: Bruce Burris (859) 806-0195,

Meaghan Carpenter of Maryland is represented in LAL’s nod to performance art “Approach”. Curated by Rae Goodwin director of Art Foundations at the University of Kentucky, Approach opens Oct. 26. This review includes video, photographs, insperformance Meaghan Carpenter:
Latitude Artist Community:
and on facebook

more about Trust(ing): Latitude has long been involved in creating performance and installation works. Often these works allow some insight on practices relative to those of us who live their lives in institutional environments, and thus we encourage further dialog and consideration of issues which are commonly overlooked or most often, simply ignored.

 In this adaptation of Meaghan Carpenter’s “Trust” we take a look at the risk taken by those living in an institutional setting as they routinely trust their self care to others.  What does it mean to transport an enclave of people considered disabled to a salon for a “beauty treatment”?  Can we not take care of ourselves in this way at home? What does it mean when a local faith organization provides grooming and dress accessories to adults as they enter a sponsored dance? Are these positive enhancements or do they demean us as individuals? Are we validating poor institutional practices by encouraging these group fixes? In Trust(ing) Latitude artists turn the tables on these practices, giving to, as opposed to receiving a manicure from Ms Carpenter.


The Stoner Creek Boys

Whitney Baker
Bruce Burris
read from the lyrics of
new LP Visionary Output
Thursday September 13, 12-12:30pm
Institute 193, 193 North Limestone St. Lexington
more info on facebook
The Stoner Creek Boys
Saint Teresa’s
from their LP SALTY

Saint Teresa grant us this moment
We have no real in- vestment in the imminent or in the shade of some future tree of life
Our sad ark
The one you left us with
Is on its side on the slope side of
Saint Levee
Bow split open a cave a hole that is a whole earth wide the darkest of dark waters hurtled by whipped wind churn and tide tear through it out and in

as planetary ringmasters we have failed your lively life shadow circus
and so if you choose you are welcome to pluck them up yourself
the llamas, snakes, lions and buffalo who we have left to wander
along the banks
to consider the wreckage we suppose
Please don’t be surprised if in your attempt to make things right as you can again
That if you come upon us you may find us
Consuming what you know to be the last remaining Mongolian Lynx
for we are hungry
we have always been hungry
You know that


re animations at Institute 193

re animations
the performance art of
ELandF projects
february 16. 6-9pm
Institute 193
193 N. Limestone Street
In Your Mind You Have Gone To The Land Of Ultimate Unquenchable Thirst - Lauren Argo
with thanks to Jane McCafferty and Al Edington and Latitude Artist Community
On February 16, 2012, Institute 193 hosted a retrospective of the work of ELandF Projects, one of the only organizations in Kentucky devoted to performance art.


Two pieces were chosen for recreation inside the gallery. In “The Book Reader” a participant (Mick Jeffries) read passages from a book that holds deep personal significance for him. “Lives Shaped by Boxes,” a repetitive box folding ritual performed by Caitlin Serey, examined the tedium and isolation associated with the forms of employment often held by people with disabilities. A television installed in the gallery played video footage of other

Meanwhile, performers enacted two other ELandF pieces outside the gallery. The artists Kremena Todorova and Kurt Gohde rode in a taxi with willing participants in 15-minute intervals, photographing each participant at a different location downtown. Doreen Maloney and Rikki Gard performed “Cloudwatchers,” sitting on a patch of Astroturf installed on the sidewalk and looked at the sky.

In additon, Louisville artist Lauren Argo performed a new work created by Bruce Burris and Jane McCafferty titled “In Your Mind You Have Gone to the Land of Ultimate Unquenchable Thirst,” part of a cycle called


Our 4th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice conversation at Denny's

Many thanks to all who attended our 4th Annual Solistice Conversation and special thanks to Kremena Todorova who hosted this years conversation. View a portion of Kremena's story "TIMUR... We Were Helpers" here

Next years's host/ess Georgia Henkel
From ELandF small projects… you are invited to...

ELandF’s 4th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation
Midnight, December 21st, Denny's Restaurant 1949 Nicholasville Rd. Lexington, Kentucky
(for those of us who are annually confused as to which day midnight the 21stfalls on this year- think of it as really, really late night Wednesday night if you must)
ELandF’s 4th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation is just that, a few storytellers who gather at one of America’s great restaurants to usher in the Winter Solstice and share a story or two based on the preference of the year’s Solstice Host/ess/Curator.
This year’s Solstice Host/ess/Curator is Lexington’s Kremena Todorova who is an artist, an Associate Professor of English at Transylvania University, a native of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, and a hostess extraordinaire (you can call her Clarissa). She asks us to contemplate this question: “Where did you come from?” Kremena recommends that as we consider this, we emphasize not so much where we are from, but where we come from.
Once you have mulled this over, it is essential that you share your story with others at Denny’s on Solstice… props are welcome.