discomfort progress

Discomfort, harsh preceptor of empathy and compassion, you appear when something is wrong, demanding our response. These days, a deep and massive discomfort is screaming from all continents and in every language, THIS IS WRONG; too many suffer for the benefits of the few; too many have grown comfortable with hate; too many mountains have fallen; and our feverish earth is thrashing in pain. With compassion and justice as guides, discomfort can transform and reform us, and the world we inhabit. We must listen to discomfort's call to action and not let comfort create complacency. 
Sue Massek
you are invited

ground floor escalator
Lexington Center
Lexington Kentucky
Friday May 20th

Discomfort can happen with fear and dread.  Knowing that you will get hurt because you’ve been hurt before.  Waiting for it to happen.  And everyone is there watching and waiting too hoping for some excitement or explanation or spectacle to release the uncomfortable tension.  But the tension is normal and releasing it is not normal and would cause discomfort.  So nothing happens.  Or almost nothing anyway.
Becky Alley 

Are you willing to describe feelings related to the experience of profound personal discomfort while ascending an escalator with Becky Alley.
Artist Fee:
$50.00 for one (appx. 27 second) escalator ascension from first to second level of Lexington Center in Lexington Kentucky while recounting feelings of personal discomfort to/with Becky Alley who will eventually assemble and publish a no more than fifty word account of this interaction.
To Apply:
Please....  no more than one hundred words on why you wish to ascend on an escalator while describing feelings related to profound personal discomfort to Becky  Alley.