ElandF Gallery SUGARHOLE! 9/21/07

ELandF Gallery small projects space


SUGARHOLE! will be on view within an area created by a missing brick in the exterior wall of Third Street Coffee. The installation is a collaboration between Pittsburgh author Jane McCafferty and Lexington artist Bruce Burris.

SUGARHOLE! consists of sugar cubes/bricks arranged to seal a hole created by a missing brick, sealing the space/wound with a material known as much for its sweet and delightful goodness as for the arduous and often dehumanizing demands placed upon those who grow and process it.

A corresponding narrative written by Jane McCafferty reconciles the sticky sweet compressed granules with the punitive/oppressive spaces associated with reform and our overriding impulse for companionship.

By Jane McCafferty

These bricks, they dream of melting on your tongue.
These bricks, they could be sweet if you’d let them.
Just look how they made room!

See how they say,
Get in here, sugar!
You can sleep here forever or until
The tongues of hungry bugs remove your crystal body.
Get in here, sugar!
Teach us how to melt.
Teach us how to be sweet among bricks.
We’re so tired of being bricks among bricks.
We’re so tired of not getting licks.
We’re so tired of standing up straight.

Hey, pass the sugar, Sugar.
Pass me a dream where sugar in the bricks
Becomes an answer to the question:
How can I go on?
Or: Can I be a horse in my next life?
Just take it easy, people.

You’ll get your chance.
Plenty of dark spaces in walls like these
will always, always need your sugar.

About Jane McCafferty:
Jane McCafferty was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship for a section of One Heart. Her stories have appeared in Glimmer Train, Story, Witness, and other publications, and her short story collection, Director of the World, was awarded the 1992 Drue Heinz Literature Prize as well as a $100.00 Honorarium from the ELandFGallery. She teaches at Carnegie Mellon University and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Installation located in exterior wall of Third Street Coffee
257 North Limestone Street, Lexington
September 21, 2007, 5- 8pm
ELandF GalleryLexington, Kentucky
The Lexington Herald-Leader 9/21/07
It's All About...
By Jamie Gumbrecht
SUGARHOLE: for a sweet twist on tonight's Gallery Hop check out the exterior wall of Third Street Coffee, 257 North Limestone St.
There's a brick missing in the building and rather then leave it colad, alone and empty, Pitttsburgh writer Jane McCafferty submitted a poem that inspired as installation in the tiny space. Lexington artist Bruce Burris will help install the itty bitty artwork made of sugar cubes.
The narrative that inspired the piece ties it back to the sweetness of sugar, but also the workers who labor to nake it available to our sugary cofee drinks.
Not only is the artwork very small, but its available to view for only a short time.: Sugarhole will be on display only during Gallery Hop hours, from 5-8 tonight. Yum.