SWAP opening event summary (pics, vids at bottom of page)

This project is a community art project in miniature. The community is formed by the exchange, hand held, between the visitor and the installation. Prior to its departure, each piece will form a vital role in informing and creating the visual aesthetic of the work. With each departure, the piece will evolve; growing and condensing like a living organism.

This work asks questions of value, participation, and looks at how open work continues to challenge perceptions of art as complete, autonomous and consumable. This work echoes Felix Gonzalez Torres’ pieces in its mechanism, but its meaning will be specific to Lexington.

The obvious overarching narrative here is the economy. Migration, poverty and the need for generosity is present in our community as never before. It is our desire to make something that reflects our empathy with this state of affairs by offering something of beauty and of vitality to everyone, and to make it free.

prepared Honoria Tarpey
SWAP opening event summary....

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