re animations at Institute 193

re animations
the performance art of
ELandF projects
february 16. 6-9pm
Institute 193
193 N. Limestone Street
In Your Mind You Have Gone To The Land Of Ultimate Unquenchable Thirst - Lauren Argo
with thanks to Jane McCafferty and Al Edington and Latitude Artist Community
On February 16, 2012, Institute 193 hosted a retrospective of the work of ELandF Projects, one of the only organizations in Kentucky devoted to performance art.


Two pieces were chosen for recreation inside the gallery. In “The Book Reader” a participant (Mick Jeffries) read passages from a book that holds deep personal significance for him. “Lives Shaped by Boxes,” a repetitive box folding ritual performed by Caitlin Serey, examined the tedium and isolation associated with the forms of employment often held by people with disabilities. A television installed in the gallery played video footage of other

Meanwhile, performers enacted two other ELandF pieces outside the gallery. The artists Kremena Todorova and Kurt Gohde rode in a taxi with willing participants in 15-minute intervals, photographing each participant at a different location downtown. Doreen Maloney and Rikki Gard performed “Cloudwatchers,” sitting on a patch of Astroturf installed on the sidewalk and looked at the sky.

In additon, Louisville artist Lauren Argo performed a new work created by Bruce Burris and Jane McCafferty titled “In Your Mind You Have Gone to the Land of Ultimate Unquenchable Thirst,” part of a cycle called