...We Are Mountains Ourselves...

Many thanks to all who participated in ...We Are Mountains Ourselves... on Venice Beach Boardwalk and in Lexington Kentucky @ Institute 193. We'll post material from Venice Beach when we recieve it.

pic above by Richie Wireman- here's a link to his album
vid of Sunny Montgomery reading

...We Are Mountains Ourselves...
with Tom Phillips on the Venice Beach Boardwalk
and sunny montgomery in Lexington
found/collaged fragments...ways in which some resist mountaintop removal
a brief reading by Tom Phillips
Live on the Venice Beach Boardwalk

Tuesday September 22, 9pm ESTnear Small World Books 1407 Ocean Front Walk
Live phone-in audio

Dial 712 432-0111 appx. 5 minutes prior to performance (when prompted enter the following code) Access code:539794#

no additional charges beyond normal long distance it almost live on Beachcam- updates every 4 seconds

Lexington...Live group phone-in and reading with sunny montgomeryat Institute 193, Lexington's new art space193 North Limestone St.(next to Le Deauville Restaurant)
8:15pm: Phillip Jones will give an overview of Institute 193 (institute 193 will begin programming mid Oct.)

8:30pm: sunny montgomery will read from "found fragments"

9:00pm Phone-in...Tom Phillips performance from Venice Beach Boardwalk
webcam image screened
In Kimmyville:
about the project.....
About four years ago I began accumulating debris- fragments of poems- strewn about posters- flyers- emails- etc. mostly anonymous- left over from various rallies, workshops, readings, etc.- events related to resisting mountaintop removal.
Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips spent years in the Lexington theatre community before relocating to Los Angeles. He has worked many times with Actors Guild of Lexington, the Lexington Shakespeare Festival, Phoenix Group Theatre, and others, as well as Kentucky-grown film projects such as "Shadows Light". He now resides in Woodland Hills, CA, where it's much too hot, carving out an acting career. He is excited about "We Are Mountains Ourselves", and hopes this interesting project will raise awareness regarding both topsoil removal, and the extraordinary things ordinary people can do through an unfettered internet.

sunny montgomery
is a favorite Lexington writer and performer. (see one of her short stories on sidebar)and thanks to Todd Erickson (audio)
Todd is a Senior Consultant with CoVision. His work with CoVision has been central to the design of such important meetings as The World Economic Forum, The Clinton Global Initiative, and numerous Citizen Summits. CoVision’s principles for designing with interactive meeting technologies have been featured in the book, "The Handbook of Large Group Methods" edited by Barbara Bunker and Billie Alban, Jossey-Bass, 2006.
Todd received his MA in Interdisciplinary Art from San Francisco State University in 1989. His focus was on the facilitation of interdisciplinary dialogues supported by computer aided media. He received his BA in 1996, also from San Francisco State University, in Broadcast Communication Arts.

relatedSeptember 22 is "One Web Day" a day to recognize the democratic nature and potential of the internet.
Why Venice Beach? ELandF primarily uses public spaces and mostly free technologies for our installations/performances. Venice Beach Boardwalk is recognized as one of the premier public spaces in the US.
Why use the Beach Cam? We just liked it