ELandF projects 6th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation

ELandF projects 6th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation
Midnight, December 21st
Join the Annual ELandF Gallery Winter Solstice Gathering at Third Street Stuff!
Third Street Stuff 257 North Limestone St. Lexington, KY
Saturday, Dec 21, midnight (that is, as Saturday becomes Sunday).
John Lackey will be hosting this year--we are in for a treat!

(for those of us who are annually confused as to which date midnight falls on—we are to really, really late on Saturday night)

ElandF projects 6th Annual Midnight Solstice Conversation is just that: a few intrepid storytellers gather at midnight during the Winter Solstice to share a story or two. This year we are eased into this annual ritual by this year's Solstice Host/Curator, Lexington’s own John Lackey of
Homegrown Press Studio & Gallery.

Bring a story to share ... or not ...
Many thanks to Third Street Stuff for sponsoring and hosting ELandF projects's 6th annual winter Solstice gathering! There were stories of tree houses and sibling love and coffee drinks with sprinkles on top and cinnamon toast and fancy hats and much warmth to go around on a stormy night. And a host with the mostest! with Kurt Gohde with John Lackey.
...and thanks to the Lexington Herald-Leader and photographer Tatiana Aristizabal for these photos...