Help Wanted: Sell Colonel Sanders' Secrets... Apply Within...

Help Wanted:
Someone to sell Colonel Sanders' secrets on Thur, June 27, 8-9pm, at Griffin's Modern Hotel
To Apply:
Please... no more than 50 words on why you are qualified to sell Colonel Sander's secrets
Deadline: June 20, Honorarium: $50.00, Email only:
Thanks to everyone who participated in Selling the Colonel's Secret....
· The Colonel slept naked except for his socks
· The Colonel did cross stitch while using the bathroom
· The Colonel was addicted to toothpicks
· The Colonel preferred fish over chicken
· The Colonel used a combo of chicken fat and toothpaste to clean his teeth
 We do not, of course, know what an addiction to toothpicks looks like or what this means he did with these toothpicks but all the secrets come from someone who claims to be related to The Colonel so we assume they are all true. And we are thinking about how we may also include a few of these secrets as part of the documentation.