Performance Archive, GrowGesture 3/11: shed 3 tears for 1986

Many thanks to Hendrick Floyd, Jane McCafferty and Lee J Bryant. Will post video and more soon.

From Jane McCaffety
The egg was the color of coffee with the perfect amount of cream in it. I looked at it for a long time, wondering why it was the lucky egg, wondering why of all the eggs in the carton, I’d picked this particular egg to join a real live art event that spanned Kentucky, Pittsburgh, and the Endless Bridge of the Imagination that includes all galaxies. The more I looked at the egg the more singular it became. Then I felt a certain sympathy for the egg and for all things that have no choice but to be themselves. I believe the helplessness of the egg lent the egg a certain air of nobility. I don’t believe it suffered as I boiled it, but I do believe it in some way experienced itself changing. Am I asserting that the egg had a soul? I don’t know for sure.
I can assert that I was pleased to be in a certain communion of souls that included Bruce, Hendrick, Shysty, Lee J, Leroy, and Teresevel.

I wanted to remember a cup of coffee I had in 1986 as I boiled the egg. I considered that every cup of coffee contains at least three tears. I remembered that in 1986 the Challenger exploded and Chernobyl melted down. I may have boiled several eggs that year. But this egg in Pittsburgh on March 14, 2010, will most likely be the only egg I will remember having boiled. I do wish we could do things like this more often.

From Lee Bryant
"Sweet Poetry-_-Sound Collaboration with Shysty and Leroy was in effect at the UK Art Museum this Afternoon, Bliss Space. thanks to the Witness, Bruce Burris".
Not all art can be beautiful. Not all of it fits on a wall or a pedestal. Not all of it immediately makes sense when you hear about it. Because some art is unlike any art you’ve seen before.

ELandF Gallery, which has inspired such performances as The Kentucky Mourning Project and Cloud Watching, is back to work after a winter hibernation. It’s latest effort, which happens on Sunday at UK Art Museum from 3-4pm, is definitely beyond any of the strange we’ve seen so far and, as such, has us dying to go see it, even though we’re not really sure what we’re going to see.
Titled GrowGesture 3/11: shed 3 tears for 1986, the performance is, we think, an hour of living from nearly 25 years ago. We think it features performances by Hendrick Floyd and Jane McCafferty. We think the hour will be spent paying attention to every single second. When was the last time any of us did that?

Because GrowGesture is so enigmatic, ELandF is auctioning a 3-minute telephone debriefing of the performance with Floyd. Bidding is open on Ebay until March 13 at 9:29pm, so you have to bid on the explanation before you actually have any questions. All of this is so ELandF’s type of brilliant.

The fleeting nature of performance art is part of what gives it so much impact. You have to be there, in those moments that it is happening, to get something from it, and if you miss it, you’ve missed out. Which is why we’re so grateful to have ELandF pushing the performance art envelope here in Central Kentucky.