Songs For Some Trees...archive

Songs For Some Trees....archive

Ruda Tovar's performance Songs For Some Trees at McConnell Springs Park was great fun! The tree (and all nature generally seemed to respond to Ruda's music! We made good friends with a young Hackberry tree nearby which shed a leaf (tear?) directly on the LP during Smog's "Let me see the colts"!
Huge thanks to Pat Gerhard
of Third Street Coffee for contributing generously to the artist Honorarium and to Hendrick Floyd for a great essay on Ruda (see below) and of course to our musical shepherd - Ruda Tovar.

On Ruda Tovar
By Hendrick Floyd
Think of the album spinning DJ and one word may come to mind: relic. In the age of digital cd's and digital downloading anyone caught spinning wax on a turntable might seem out of touch- disconnected even. For in a time when our music is 'out there' in some cyber-portal, instantly accessible the DJ (complete with 12" records or 45's) seems like a holdover from a disintegrated and disinteresting moment. Not true. The DJ is alive. Resurrecting music that might have been lost for entire generations; spinning tunes that make bodies move and heads nod.

When Ruda spins records on his portable turntable (DJ's usually spin on two), you are aware that there is something majestic taking place. You become transformed. You find that you are being guided out of the external digital world into a more eternal inner analog world. A world that transforms the listener and brings them closer to the heart and spirit of all humankind.

Songs For Some Trees - playlist
1. Alice Coltrane, "Satchidania"
2. Stereo Lab, (Thousand Miles An Hour"
3. Nick Drake, "Parasite"
4. Mulatu Astatke, "Tezetave Antichi lidj"
5. Cluster and Eno, "Schone Hand"
6. Sonic Youth, "Karen Revisited"
7. Sunburned Hand of the Man, "Adult Costume"
8. Grizzly Bear, "Knife"
9. Deerhoof, "The Galaxist"
10. Albert Ayler, "Ghost"
11. Jorge Ben, "Taj Mahal"
12. Smog, "Let Me See The Colts"

original post october 2008

ELandF Gallery small projects

Ruda Tovar's
Songs For Some Trees


ELandF Gallery small projects Presents: Songs For Some Trees
More info:
Wednesday October 15, 10am-11am at McConnell Springs Park, Lexington KY
(meet in parking lot at 9:45am or arrive later and walk and listen)

This project sponsored in part by Third Street Coffee:
A few more things...

Ruda will tell you that he goes with the various vibes in the air when he spins- so no play-list in advance- but he senses that most likely he will play at least one cut from Smog's A River Ain't Too Much To Love
and finally...
Songs For Some Trees
By Ruda Tovar

How does one play Songs For Some Trees?
Easy, one doesn't, at least I don't. I can't. In essence, its about the things I feel when I stare into the woods. I listen to the still sounds, the wind catching itself on the leaves and the birds making their rounds about the treetops, I attempt to assemble a soundtrack for the movie I'm watching. My mood or lack thereof, gears me into many a different type of tune, some that will glide with and compliment the atmosphere and others that will seemingly burn it down. Like the ever-changing creatures and elements within their natural habitat, the records I play bring a sense of diversity along with solidarity.