catch and release - a public filtering ritual

Many thanks to all who helped with catch and release - a public filtering ritual

catch and release.....
a public filtering ritual - a merger of flows
with Cara Tomlinson and friends
@ Crystal Lake Boat Ramp, Corvallis Oregon
Tuesday August 20 12:30pm - 12:33pm
The Big Sandy River is essential to the ecological/economic and spiritual health of Kentucky and West Virginia. It is one of the most heavily polluted waterways in the country due mostly to the various forms of aggressive coal mining and under regulated industrial practices found along its banks. In this ritual/performance, water recently caught/collected from the Big Sandy River will be released into the Willamette River. This union/merger represents the whisper of a kind of absolution.....
Information: Bruce Burris:
a program of ELandF projects and The Kentucky Mourning Project