the seven things you think... with Nicole McClure at SF MoMA (performance archive)

(click here for video) the seven things you think... belong to all of us...
Join ELandF projects at SF MoMATuesday, February 15 12:00- 12:30pm

the seven things you think... belong to all of us...
Nicole McClure 

1) Words and sounds 
2) The sound of my voice inside a mason jar
3) Repeating words over and over. Something useless, like “tell me about yourself” 
4) If you repeat words over and over, they get ridiculous. Humpback whales for instance. Hump back wails would have to be a serious mating call 
5) I want a mating call 
6) I could keep it in a mason jar. A giant one where people could visit 
7) Future project: sound installation inside a giant mason jar
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call for proposals 
Get paid to think at SF MoMA
the seven things  you think... belong to all of us...
Honorarium: $50.00 for one half hour of thinking
To Apply: Please... no more than 100 words on the seven things you will be thinking about
Deadline: Midnight, February 10th
(thinking at SF MoMA must occur on Tuesday February 15th, 12:00-12:30 pm)

Submissions/Information: By email only: 
Many thanks to all who sent in proposals for this project, in particular our good friend Daniel Dallabrida who sent in this proposal. (click here)