Get paid to think at SFMoMA!

the seven things you think... belong to all of us.......
Wanted: Someone to think at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Honorarium: $50.00 for one half hour of thinking
To Apply: Please... no more than 100 words on the seven things you will be thinking about
Deadline: Midnight, February 10th
(thinking at SFMOMA must occur on Tuesday February 15th, 12:00-12:30 pm)
Submission/Information: By email only:
Daniel Dallabrida, SF
My 7 Thoughts 
The emergence of rage out of intense grief may be a human universal
Story telling is a healing art.
We are free to become what only death can make us, human.
Four gay men died in San Francisco every day between my 30th and 40th birthdays. There was no luxury of tears.
For this particular knot the Alexandrian solution, to slice it open with a sword-stroke, is not the correct one.
No person’s tragedy is commensurable with any other
Silence has no narrative. It intensifies sensation, but blurs the sense of time.