klipschutz... a series of 4 Very Public readings... Corvallis Oregon

KEZI, CORVALLIS, Ore – You may have seen street performers before, but has somebody ever read poetry to you in public?
San Francisco poet Kurt Lipschutz, who publishes his poetry under the name “Klipschutz,” was in Corvallis on Wednesday, reading poetry to people in public places. He made a stop at the Greyhound bus station, rode with folks in cabs, and read poetry on city buses.
Lipschutz read pieces by other poets as well as his own work. He says poetry is an art, and he hopes to encourage others to express themselves in creative ways.
“Poetry helps to cleanse the language of the tribe,” he said. “And it’s what Ezra Pound called: ‘Language charged with meaning.’ It’s an art form with a long tradition, and I’m a carrier of that tradition forward.”
ELandF projects organized the event and organized the free cab rides. Two women met the poet during their lunch break, and say they wanted to go on an adventure. During their break, they went around town in a taxi, as Lipschutz read them poems. He also held a poetry reading Wednesday night at the Towne House Motor Inn.

Towne House Motor Inn

Corvallis bus route #1

Taxi Cab

Greyhound Bus Depot