Lexington Town Crier (event summary)

Lexington Herald-Leader, photos/story by Jonathan Palmer
In a "town crier" event staged by ELandF Gallery on Thursday, Lexington actors Alex Johns, right, and Brittny Congleton declaimed the text of a letter written to the city government by developer Dudley Webb. The two strolled downtown while sharing the words of the man behind the CentrePointe project planned for a block where some of the city's oldest buildings had stood.


Recap May 28, 2009
Lexington Town Crier
Thanks to everyone who helped out on this event- as always it was a great success and lots of fun! Below are links to articles videos and pictures. Special thanks to our Town Criers, Brittny Congleton, Alex Johns and Elaine Parker.

Mick Jeffries video of the dramatic conclusion
WTVQ brief video and article by Karla Wade
Photos from Kurt Gohde

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
3 Lexington Town Criers to read and post Dudley Webb’s letter to Council – Thursday May 28!

ElandF Gallery small projects accelerator is pleased to announce that Alex Johns, Brittny Congleton and Elaine Parker have been selected to serve as Lexington Town Criers, below see a portion of their essays.
Date/Time: Thursday May 28, 12pm-1pm
Location: (12pm) Will begin by reading at Third Street Coffee (257 N. Limestone)then Criers will separate and read at various locations (CentrePointe crater, etc.) until 1:00pm at which point Lexington Town Criers will converge at Lexington’s last public Kiosk (corner of E. Main St. + Quality St.) where Town Criers will all read and then post Webb letter on the Kiosk.
Sponsored By:Ace Weekly

Help Wanted: Lexington Town Crier
to read publicly and then to post, developer Dudley Webb’s recent letter to Lexington City Council throughout Downtown Lexington.
Brittny Congleton:
Hey there.... word on the street is that you need a town crier... well I just happen to want to BE a town crier... for this day in question... and perhaps many more times... and well... here's why:

"By confronting this ridiculous letter of irresponsibility, we bring to the public a rallying point and reminder of broken promises, as well as our responsibility as citizens to communicate. I am constantly looking for ways to connect to my community, and something that connects us all is the kind of history we share by walking the same sidewalks. As a comedic performer, I relish any opportunity to be devious in a public setting, but this performance will be one of a lifetime!! I plan, perhaps, on wearing a spectacular yellow dress- like a techni-color Alice and Wonderland (or a female Dick Tracy) searching the streets of Lexington for a purpose and a playground!"
Elaine Parker:
It would be a great honor to serve as the Lexington Town Crier. I founded Lexington...Better Not Bigger... name is self-explanatory. I am possessed of a clear voice with great volume, strong opinions, and am capable of accents on demand. I can embellish the reading with snorts, groans, and eye rolling…
Alex Johns:
The Centerpointe project was a huge blow to our local music scene. While both music locales and most the stores have found new homes, there is a different atmosphere and a lack of interest from the community.
I’m tired of being unmotivated about creating change. It seems that a few people make a very big difference in the overall interest of the public. I’d like to be one of them. I would dress professionally…..and while I plan to utilize the megaphone, believe me, my voice is quite loud…


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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Help Wanted: Lexington Town Crier
to read publically and then to post publically, developer Dudley Webb’s recent letter to City Council throughout downtown Lexington.

No matter what your opinion of Dudley Webb and his notorious CentrePointe project is, most agree that his recent letter to City Council is one fascinating document. In it Mr. Webb fills six pages without ever really explaining where the project (currently a huge crater in the middle of downtown Lexington) is heading or how it will be financed. Lexington Herald-Leader Columnist Tom Eblen aptly compares it to Richard Nixon’s famous Checkers speech.

The Lexington Town Crier will be asked to read (as proclamation) a condensed version of Dudley Webb’s letter to City Council at various spots in downtown Lexington from 12pm- 1pm on Thursday May, 28. Action will culminate with a posting of this document on the public information kiosk, corner of E. Main St and Quality St (next to Gray Construction)
Honorarium: $50.00
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
To Apply: No more than 100 words on why you would like to be Lexington’s Town Crier.

Some reference to costume/presentation should also be included.
Megaphone provided on request
Submissions/Information: (by email only)
Deadline: May 22 (Event to occur May 28)
Sponsored By: Ace Weekly
*Applicants who wish to present the letter as an historical reading/performance based on Mr. Webb’s actual reading/performance before City Council will also be considered
* See Mr. Webb’s letter: