Our 4th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice conversation at Denny's

Many thanks to all who attended our 4th Annual Solistice Conversation and special thanks to Kremena Todorova who hosted this years conversation. View a portion of Kremena's story "TIMUR... We Were Helpers" here

Next years's host/ess Georgia Henkel
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ELandF’s 4th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation
Midnight, December 21st, Denny's Restaurant 1949 Nicholasville Rd. Lexington, Kentucky
(for those of us who are annually confused as to which day midnight the 21stfalls on this year- think of it as really, really late night Wednesday night if you must)
ELandF’s 4th Annual Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation is just that, a few storytellers who gather at one of America’s great restaurants to usher in the Winter Solstice and share a story or two based on the preference of the year’s Solstice Host/ess/Curator.
This year’s Solstice Host/ess/Curator is Lexington’s Kremena Todorova who is an artist, an Associate Professor of English at Transylvania University, a native of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, and a hostess extraordinaire (you can call her Clarissa). She asks us to contemplate this question: “Where did you come from?” Kremena recommends that as we consider this, we emphasize not so much where we are from, but where we come from.
Once you have mulled this over, it is essential that you share your story with others at Denny’s on Solstice… props are welcome.