Midnight Winter Solstice Conversation with Kurt Gohde

You are invited!
our 2nd annual Winter Solstice Celebration
celebrate winter solstice at midnight...
a conversation hosted by Lexington artist Kurt Gohde and friends

Monday, December 21, 12am (midnight)
at Denny's Restaurant
1949 Nicholasville Rd.
(first 12 Druids receive a free cup of coffee courtesy ELandF small projects accelerator)

From Kurt:
The goal should be conversation, and everyone already has great stories packed away in the attics of their minds. We simply need to prepare them to open the hook-and-eye lock and haul out one of these stories. With this in mind—and knowing that solstice is the longest night and shortest day of the year—let’s prompt everyone to come with a story about the single longest day in their memory: what made time drag so slowly on this day? The could, instead, tell a tale of the shortest night in their life. Either of these narratives will be a calling, then, for the other solstice.

We need to remind ourselves of long days that never end and nights that pass too quickly at this time of year. We need to remind each other and tell the stories that will stir a longing for the Summer Solstice to return.

“As the solstice comes, time slows down and stops. This is the ebb time, the limbo between years and worlds. In this slack tide of the hourglass the impossible happens. The pendulum stops and we need all our energy to start it moving again.” (Same Sky)
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Bill Santen (winter solstice 2008)