You are invited to watch Cloud Watchers
Near Wine+Market, Second and Jefferson Streets, Lexington KY
Wednesday November 11, 12-1pm

CLOUD WATCHER WANTED (to watch clouds)

From more than 40 submissions
Three people have been selected to watch clouds for one hour.

Our CLOUD WATCHERS and their submissions:

Catelynn Kenner
Life is beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. Too often we don't appreciate the glory surrounding us. Cloud watching- the simple pause of life, of seemingly great importance, is a great tribute to the power of nature's splendor. A break in the day, a look to the skies, a life enriched. Sometimes we need to be put in our place, humbled by November’s exquisite, crisp skies. Looking for Van Gough’s Starry Starry Night, in mere condensation reminds one to look beyond his or her self. I would enjoy such an opportunity through the art of cloud watching. Thank you for your consideration.

Doreen Maloney
I would love to be your cloud watcher. I am already a cloud watcher. Clouds and sky take me from the mundane and project my mind into the eternal. Clouds bring bliss, and show change. Transformation of earth's space occurs continuously and like the changing sky my emotional self becomes washed clean, becomes refreshed. The higher limits of mind are connected to the clouds and the blue sky. Peacefulness and space descend through the eyes and become manifest in the body. Wind blows and completes the cycle of renewal and change. All this just from watching clouds.
RIkki Gard (and son)
Hi! My son would like to come watch clouds. Of course my daughter and I would be with him because he is 4. When I ask him why he would like to come watch clouds he said "because I would enjoy it". So there you have it. If you are looking for a child's perspective on cloud watching please let us know. We live on West Third St just down the alley from the market and he has a very flexible schedule. Thank you very much.