In the Language of Flowers

In the Language of Flowers
Lyle Murphy
ELandF projects
Corvallis, Oregon - Friday January, 31

a slight performance/pilgrimage
Why does the death of one have more weight, more emotional connection than another? Where are the circles of mourning the strongest and to what, as well as to where, do these circles begin to lose definition? This pilgrimage performance is meant to seek out the visible yet often unacknowledged little deaths around us… the flattened squirrel on the road, the squished worm on the sidewalk, the beetle on its back with still legs in the air… and to give them a moment of thought, recognition and respect.

I strive to bring awareness to overlooked, passed-over, and banal aspects of our individuality and society. I employ a hearty stew of narratives, allegories, and symbols from cultural and personal histories as a means to give a point of origin for investigation and discussion. I find it important to incorporate a mixture of folkloric themes and humor to engage with complex issues.

Lyle’s journey can be followed throughout the day via

start time: 7:33 (sunrise)
end time: 4:33 (sunset) with public ritual in park on 1st Street near the Willamette river and across from Cloud & Kelly’s Public House
further info: Bruce Burris:

Lyle Murphy is an artist and folklorist living in Eugene, OR.  
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On  the horizon: (Portland) Friday February 25 12.00pm
Join the Corvallis Tree-Being at the base of the downtown side of Burnside Bridge for a reading of the Orgeon Wilderness Coalition monthly newsletter (Volume 3, #2, February 25, 1976)                                                     

Many thanks to all who help make "In the Language of Flowers" a wonderful and meaningful performance!