The Stoner Creek Boys

Whitney Baker
Bruce Burris
read from the lyrics of
new LP Visionary Output
Thursday September 13, 12-12:30pm
Institute 193, 193 North Limestone St. Lexington
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The Stoner Creek Boys
Saint Teresa’s
from their LP SALTY

Saint Teresa grant us this moment
We have no real in- vestment in the imminent or in the shade of some future tree of life
Our sad ark
The one you left us with
Is on its side on the slope side of
Saint Levee
Bow split open a cave a hole that is a whole earth wide the darkest of dark waters hurtled by whipped wind churn and tide tear through it out and in

as planetary ringmasters we have failed your lively life shadow circus
and so if you choose you are welcome to pluck them up yourself
the llamas, snakes, lions and buffalo who we have left to wander
along the banks
to consider the wreckage we suppose
Please don’t be surprised if in your attempt to make things right as you can again
That if you come upon us you may find us
Consuming what you know to be the last remaining Mongolian Lynx
for we are hungry
we have always been hungry
You know that