Join us for Re Animations #2

Thanks to everyone who helped with and participated Re Animations #2! For lots of pics and a great youtube video of Hokey Bear's performance... please go our facebook page:
Re Animations #2
the performance art of ELandF projects

Thursday June 5th 5:30-7:00pm
immediately in front of The Corvallis Arts Center ...
and in nearby Central Park
5 past performances recreated…
a nod to performances past
1 new performance…
to delight, inspire and obscure
a fundraiser of sorts…
with very modest gifts for those with deep pockets
local raconteurs...
to recreate the past and story tell spell of future plans and good great gambles
an exhibit…
of unremarkable and very dusty objects from past performances
Revivals: 5:30-6:30pm
In Central Park directly across from The Corvallis Arts Center
In the Language of Flowers
Catch and Release
Albany Coal Train (5 Breaths in Succession)
The Corvallis Tree Being Reading
… and a brand new Hokey Bear performance by the artist
Bryan Putnam
Oratory: 6:30-7:00pm
On the steps directly in front of the Corvallis Arts Center
rousing refrains from performers past, future plans, fundraising pitches and more

A few Oregon friends to thank: Lyle Murphy, Cara Tomlinson, klipschutz, Jana Svoboda, Julia Bradford, Hester Coucke, Evelyn Idzerda, Eric Dickey, Bryan Putnam, dan raphael
Further information:
ElandF gallery on facebook
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