Mourners to address CentrePointe concerns this weekend

Mourners to address concerns with downtown Lexington Kentucky CentrePointe development scheme.

Three unique public mourning rituals are scheduled which will address issues of grief, remorse and finally hope over the destruction of an entire city block in downtown Lexington Kentucky.
Friday at 12:00 pm Lyndsey Fryman will perform "A Wall of Memories" on sidewalk near construction site.
Saturday at 1:00am- 2:30am Brittany Clark is hosting an 80's dance party at Cheapside Park "Everyone who is mourning the Dame block. Young and old alike! We feel a complete loss for what our government has turned our city into. Stand up and do something about it! You don't have to be a quiet voice."
Saturday at 10:45am Jenny O'Neil asks anyone interested to gather at Phoenix Park "To express sadness for the demolition of the block that may become CentrePointe. Materials will be available to make a signs and all are welcome to join her as she leads a funeral procession around the block.